Tuesday, September 29, 2009

INSTALL SHOREWALL(Configure Iptables easier )


Shorewall (more appropriately the Shoreline Firewall) is an open source firewall tool for Linux that builds upon the Netfilter (iptables/ipchains) system built into the Linux kernel, making it easier to manage more complex configuration schemes.

Using an analogy understandable to programmers: Shorewall is to iptables, what C is to assembly language. It provides a higher level of abstraction for describing rules using text files.


1/ download all packages *.rpm of shorewall(http://rpm.pbone.net/ if You use Fedora can use yum ) and install with command rpm -ivh *.rpm

2/Configure Shorewall

I Configure shorewall with 3 interface and 3 zone:net,DMZ,Local

2.1/in file /etc/shorewall/zone add all lines

fw firewall

net ipv4 #

loc ipv4 #

dmz ipv4 #
2.2/ In file /etc/shorewall/interfaces add all lines

net eth1 #interface of zone net

loc eth0 # interface of Zone loc

dmz eth2 #interface of Zone dmz

2.3/In File /etc/shorewall/masq add all lines (This file use for NAT outbound)

eth1 subnet zone local. subnet zone DMZ and ip: external address of firewall

2.4/In file etc/shorewall/policy add all lines

loc net REJECT info

net all DROP info

all all REJECT info

$FW net REJECT info

dmz net REJECT info

dmz loc REJECT info

loc dmz REJECT info

2.5/In file /etc/shorewall/rule add all lines

ACCEPT loc net tcp 80,443,25,110,53//(Permit access local->internet with protocol HTTP,HTTPS,SMTP,POP3,DNS)

ACCEPT loc net udp 53

ACCEPT loc net icmp echo-request //(
Permit ping local->internet)

ACCEPT loc fw tcp 2822 //(permit access SSH to firewall for Security I change port of SSH)

DNAT net dmz: tcp 80,443,110,25,995,465//(Nat INBOUND from internet can access protocols: HTTP,HTTPS,POP3,SMTP,POP3S,SMTPS)


STARTUP_ENABLED=No -> STARTUP_ENABLED=Yes trong /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf

start shorewall by command :shorewall start

For configure easier you can use webmin for configure shorewall with web interface.

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