Thursday, September 10, 2009

Redundant Load Balancers Using VRRP


Pen offers fault tolerance by automatically rerouting traffic from servers that are offline. But what if the load balancer goes down? Using VRRP, it is possible to run two load balancers in an active-passive failover configuration


[root@ ~]wget
1. uncompress the source
2. cd in the directory
3. type 'make'(Please install gcc* before type make by "yum -y install gcc*")
[root@ ~] cp vrrpd /usr/sbin/vrrpd

Install pen and vrrpd on the two load balancer hosts. Start pen on both load balancers and check that both work by surfing to and

Now start vrrpd like this on both load balancers:

[root@ ~]vrrpd -i eth1 -v 1

Now try surfing to One of the load balancers will be active and respond at that address

Disconnect "MASTER" .Now "SLAVE" restoring functionality.

Connect "MASTER" .Disconnect "SLAVE" ,"MASTER" restoring functionality

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