Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Install Firewall Cluster Failover(HA) With 5 minutes

I/ Intro

Setup Firewall Cluster Failover(HA) with 5 minutes


Step 1:You setup 2 firewall with info

firewall 1(MASTER): LAN: SYNC: Cross) WAN

firewall 2(SLAVE): LAN:
SYNC: Cross) WAN

Step 2 :Create virtual IP in fw1 and fw 2(Firewall > Virtual IP)

Step 3: config sync for fw (rule,Nat ......)

In Master (Firewall > Virtual IP go to tab CARP Settings)

+check all box
+Synchronize Interface:SYNC
+Synchronize to IP:
+Remote System Password:your password access admin pfsense

In SLAVE(Firewall > Virtual IP go to tab CARP Settings)

+only check Synchronize Enabled
+Synchronize Interface:SYNC

Step 4: don't forget add rule in interface SYNC for master connect to SLAVE and SLAVE connect to MASTER

Step 5 :Check status In MASTER and SLAVE

Step 6:Test create rule in MASTER it Auto update to SLAVE

Step 7 :Test Connection shutdown MASTER.SLAVE to MASTER (it will delay 1 ms)

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